Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Well, I've now dyed my hair again (wait and see). I've also unplugged the reset switch from my computer having accidentally hit it with the keyboard for the third time in a week. It's strange, hadn't done it in months before that. Damned thing is a bastard in that getting the front panel off and back on again is a complete pig, plus it doesn't like being completely powered down. Must have been turned off and back on again a good 20 or more times before it actually bothered to boot. And we have no clue why. This is one of the reasons I just never turn it off. RJK now nagging me to upgrade to ext3 so I don't have to watch it fsck every time it crashes, but I can't be bothered and he has permission to be smug at me next time. Not that it takes all that long anyway, since I don't have vast swathes of disk.

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