Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Words with boss today about lack of work and short hours lately. All fair, but still a bit tough to deal with. Somewhat more productive afternoon than usual as a result: a bit of webpage hacking about, a bit of perl geeking, could have done more of both. Need to talk to Paul about whatever it is he's got for me to do anyway, and John's taking over some of my current to-do list instead. Seem to have got the minesweeper habit down to a sensible amount anyway, dropped a couple of newsgroups (though not the highish volume ones I actually read all the time, so that might not help much). Must try read less/no LJ from work too maybe, that's harder, but might be more doable in future once I get used to the idea. Need to start getting in earlier again, so have set my phone with a "leave the house now" alarm for 9am.

Planning on skipping class today and probably going straight to pub. I doubt I shall stay late though as I am shattered. Pub lunch with work tomorrow too which should be nice. Must try not to let myself use feeling down as too much of an excuse for eating any shit I like though, or at least not for too many days. Wow, loads of butterflies out there today. They're such pretty things. I think they're mostly red admirals, but they're moving to fast to be sure.

As for interesting and unusual interests, I don't seem to have any. Says a lot about me maybe :-)

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