Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Sometimes they're nice, other times you just end up feeling fed up. Guess which today? Hit boredom on the geeky side of things, don't quite fancy the pub given Richard doesn't want to go and given I'm not feeling very sociable. Feeling lonely, since Jan and August are obviously too busy or fed up (or both) to reply to my mails or texts. The house is a pigsty and I really can't face hoovering or washing up or putting clothes away or washing the kitchen floor or mowing the lawn. Hate feeling guilty for still being in love with someone Richard hates. Next week's all busy and at the moment it just seems like a waste of time, since I'm hardly likely to be good company. And I just don't want to go to work at all. And now I've written this I don't even want to post it because I hate being like this.
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