Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Later and slightly more awake

More highlights from last night. Being recognised by RRW solely because he'd read LJ before he came out. Being told I look a lot like skud at the moment, and also that it suits me. Fabulous cover of "only happy when it rains", and the assorted attempts to tap dance to same in NewRocks. Can't spot it in the setlist, bummer. Sensibly priced drinks, w00t!. Watching other people having fun dancing, notably rjk and diana and christi, but also a fabulous rendition of Stand and Deliver from Sion, who was definitely dressed for it. The amusement of realising I have no hair to swing around to the more metally tracks, and watching people trying to do so with plaits in! And just dancing and dancing and dancing.
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