Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Quiet night in on Friday which was nice, especially having found time for a coffee with Jan during the afternoon (on her way back from taking Patricia to the vets) and August in the early evening. Saturday we got up reasonably late, did some pottering round the house then headed over to watch 3 episodes of B5 at Simon's, which was nice. Especially as Mary had thoughtfully brought along a box of rocket shaped ice lollies for us to share, go Mary!

After that over to Foundation for the beginning of their party where it was nice to see people like rejs and to talk to others briefly. Watched Nigel light the BBQ and then skillfully take charge of the cooking. Rather yummy salmon kebabs marinated in soy sauce, lime juice garlic and lots of fennel and a couple of sausages and 3 halves of nice Jupiter later we toddled off to the station to get the train down to London.

Arrived at Pete and Juliet's with no trouble at all and settled in for an excellent party. Met people I see all the time, people I hadn't seen in ages, people I hadn't realised I knew, and people I hadn't met before and very lovely people they all were too. Including the very lovely pink haired Jess and a very charming chap called Colin whose LJ I've forgotten and who appears to have departed during the part of the evening where I was somewhat the worse for wear so didn't get to say goodbye. I think I shall lay the blame for that fairly and squarely where it belongs: a) on me and b) the rather odd but strangely appalling/appealling combination of tequila and absinthe. I think that's an experiment I probably really shouldn't have made, and certainly one I shouldn't have repeated. So I apologise profusely if I was a nuisance for a bit, but Colin Batchelor-Bedroom, Jan and August all looked after me admirably. And hey, no hair to get in the way.

Perked up again after a few glasses of water and enjoyed dancing lots, we had the excellent DJing skills of Abby and Kat early on, who were repeating their panic set for the benefit of those who'd missed it on Wednesday, followed by J-P with some very skilled segues between tracks (and only a couple of completely fluffed ones) and late Pete. Lots of good choons anyway, and all the dancing seems to have made the swelling in my right foot go down somewhat. Movement's beginning to come back to my little finger too which is nice, and the ribs seem to be gradually feeling better too which is cool. We seemed to gradually bed down and try to sleep around 5ish I think, though some hardcore types lasted longer and Marna and Juliet went for a walk in the park and apparently went paddling. Began to emerge again around 10, only slightly hungover and very in need of more sleep. Back to Cambridge with no hitches, despite quite a long wait at KX, trains are less common on Sundays. Pottering and geeking now and probably an early night, or a nap this afternoon, or both.

I worried before the event that Jan and August being there together would be awkward and that I'd end up spending lots of the evening feeling jealous or something, but in fact it was fine, and I shouldn't worry so much. A couple of twinges but to be honest I do think they're sweet together and don't begrudge them it at all and it was nice just to see them both, together and seperately.

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