Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Addies again

Considered opinion of consultant is that it's not actually broken, though he said that amount of bruising would normally indicate a fracture. He reckons it's actually just badly sprained, so I'm still to keep it strapped to the adjacent one for the meantime, but I have a much more convenient removable dressing thing, and a spare one so I can wash it and still always keep it strapped up.

Swollen foot is considered to be a result of walking oddly so I don't get the pumping effect from my calf muscles that I normally would and hence foot retaining fluid, not helped by recent hot weather. Doctor also reckoned I should cycle more slowly! Intend to attempt to go rescue bike after work anyway with help from August's car. And bought a new bike light at lunchtime, to replace the shattered one. I think it's the same as Mobbsy's.

Back at work this afternoon, achy but coping, and getting much sympathy in the corridors. Scab on my arm is beginning to flake off and itch and I'm having to try hard not to pick at it, since quite blatantly not all of it is ready to come off yet and I'd only make it worse. Awfully tempting though. I thought one was supposed to grow out of these things?
Tags: bike, injury
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