Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


I seem to have forgotten to say anything for a couple of days. Often that would be because I was too busy doing things, and in the case of Saturday this is partially true: the Veizla was very good fun indeed. It was nice to get to know Sally a bit better and to meet Helen. Oddly the bit of my outfit that seemed to go down best was the riding crop magic wand, but hey. Kate's dress was definitely the most spectacular outfit and Helen's corset and matching collar and cuffs were lovely too. It was nice just to eat drink and be merry though, and some of the challenge responses were excellent.

Got home late, and to sleep even later, it was beginning to get light when we turned the lights out. Slept through until lunchtime and then spent Sunday pottering. Jan and Sion came round and joined us for an impromtu dinner in the evening which was cool. Strawberries were definitely a good plan. Shame they're all gone now. As is most of the rest of the food in the house, which is a bit of a nuisance.

Worked from home today, as I'm still too sore to be very mobile. To be honest with the heat and still feeling rough I didn't get all that much done. But better than nothing I guess. August came round at lunchtime but I only got as far as making him tea and sitting in the garden in the shade rather than cooking any lunch. I blame the lack of ingredients and clean pans or something. Did manage to rustle up some rather nice carbonara after he'd gone though. Having discovered the hard way that squeezing my left hand affectionately is unwise, and that a big hug only makes my ribs ache a little bit.

This evening Richard and I ought to try and do such useful things as getting the rest of the washing up done, and possibly going to the supermarket, but neither of them appeals very much. And I still need to go and rescue my bike at some point. Richard swears blind it won't fit in the car, and while I bet it might with a bit of ingenuity it's not the sort of point one wants to attempt to prove on Newmarket Rd. August and Ian have both volunteered to help too. If it won't fit in August's car either I'll possibly let Ian do his riding/wheeling trick to fetch it at some point soon.

Addies again tomorrow. See what they think of my hand. It's still really rather bruised, though it mostly doesn't hurt that's possibly only because those fingers are taped up so I'm not using them. Right foot disturbingly puffy and swollen looking, as if I'd sprained my ankle, but also doesn't hurt. Very odd. Have to keep an eye on it.

[giggle, Richard just asked if getting to know Sally better meant I'd snogged her too, seems I'm one of the few who didn't, but we did have an entertaining attempt at a waltz on GR's drive. It doesn't help that I've never learned to waltz, we were both drunk and I was supposed to be trying to lead.]

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