Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


As rjk has already said Chris' pool-warming party was lacking only in a usable pool. Was nice to meet Steve, Gareth and Colin again, lovely to see Chris, Kathryn, J-P, Kate and Ian, and nice to meet Zara (sp?) who apparently used to live with jdc. Small world. Ate drank and was indeed very merry, a rather good game of I Have Never was played, and sleep was had before driving back around lunchtime today. Boiling hot in the car both ways, would have been nice to have a pool to jump into. Oh well, maybe next time. They're going to wait until the pool is done before sending out the invites next time apparently. A long way to go, and quite tiring, but worth it I think.

Still wondering how to ask if my mail has actually been received.
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