Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Real Shopping

Well, that was a bit more productive than my attempt at online shopping a couple of days ago. One pair new trousers, plain black linen, straight legs, pockets, 7 quid in New Look. One long gipsy skirt in black with a tiny pink flower print all over, 15 quid in Dorothy Perkins. 4 earrings and a ring to replace the one that no longer fits 8 quid on a stall on Fitzroy Street. And a *very* short tartan skirt for a tenner from Sunrise on Burleigh Street. Definitely only to be worn with thick black tights underneath, and preferably with big boots too. Nice :-) And all the clothes were in the sale too, which means the whole lot only cost me about half of my payrise.

Plus I found the new Alastair Reynolds in Forbidden Planet for Richard, and that even had money off too :-)

Oh yeah, payrise. The University has been persuaded that the bottom of the COIII grade payscale was too low, so they've increased it by about a grand, which means everyone on the bottom rung is getting an extra payrise this year, which looks like it will amount to an extra 50 quid or so takehome pay per month starting this month. Also very nice indeed :-)
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