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More questions and answers

Because there don't seem to be any answers to the difficult ones. And because I need to take my mind off it. I've sent someone mail, and I wasn't sure if it was a good idea or if it would upset them too much, but I thought it needed saying. And now they've gone all quiet and I don't know if they're OK or not. And I'm worried. And it all seems horribly bad timing when other people are feeling horrid too, and if I'd known they were that bad in advance I'd probably have left it for another time. *sigh*.

Questions from rjk:

1. What material object (not person) is most important to you?

I don't seem to be able to pick one easily. I've tried thinking of it in terms of the house burning down, and wondering what I'd go back to try and save, or what I'd miss most, but I don't seem to be able to put my finger on it. Possibly the collection of letters and cards from people, since that's the most irreplaceable. But I don't re-read most of them very often if at all, so I can't see how they're all that important to me in that way. There are things that have sentimental value, like the ring I'm wearing which is the same as the one you bought me when we were first going out. And things which I love which would be expensive and hard to replace, like the corset and the boots. But I think maybe Teddy would win.

2. If you could bring about any one change in me, what would it be? And what change in yourself?

The ability to find someone to talk to when you're down, even if that someone's not me, instead of bottling it all up and feeling horrible. That's the one thing I'd change at the moment. In myself probably the ability to go into work and just get stuff done without being constantly distracted by other things and being unable to get started on things just through inertia. I don't know how to do it though, and while I occasionally resolve to try harder it never seems to help much. And now isn't the best time, when I'm trying to fix my eating and my spending already, and worrying about all sorts of things.

3. If you had three wishes, what would the last one be?

To make everything go back to how it was before the first two wishes? That's traditional I guess, since they always seem to mess it up. Perhaps for enough money to live on without struggling for the rest of my life, and then I can concentrate on other things, but not so much as to be ludicrous. Dunno how much that would be.

4. What's your favourite alcoholic drink?

Probably gin. But I do like a wide variety of things. Beer is a current good one, especially dark beers: enjoyed the pint of mild I had at the Castle last night. Whisk(e)y can be lovely, though I find some of them just too overpowering. Good wine is a joy. And I even occasionally like ridiculously sticky things like Tia Maria, though mostly that style of drink would be a long way down the list. But it's hard to beat a good G&T.

5. Why me?

Why not? I don't believe there's the perfect Mr or Miss or Ms Right out there for everyone, but that there are a lot of people who, if circumstances come out the right way could be *A* Mr Right for me. You're one of them. We were friends for a long time, you helped me through a lot of hard times, both before and after we were seeing each other. We both fancy each other, and the sex is good. We've things in common but things that contrast and complement too. You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me feel loved. I can be comfortable just sitting geeking with you, or reading together, or whatever, we don't have to be talking. But when we do talk it's interesting, and we still seem to have plenty to say to each other after 5 years together. I love you. That's why.
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