Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Wrestling with a bicycle

So I got myself a bike bottle, a cage for it to go in so I can have a drink with me on long rides. Touring bikes typically have an attachment for the bottle cage built in, but mine doesn't, so I had to buy an extra doobrey to attach it with too. Unfortunately it seems it stands about an inch proud of the bike once attached, which means there's much less space available to attach the cage and bottle in. Took me about 4 attempts to find somewhere that a) the doobrey would fit b) the bottle and cage would also fit and you could still get the bottle out of the cage c) it didn't bump into my legs when I cycle and d) I could still reach the gear lever. It's still a bit of a squeeze to get the bottle in and out and it's a bit awkward to reach while moving but it'll do. Bloody Awkward bike.
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