Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

The Matrix

Nice dinner with rjk, met the others in the Arts Cinema bar and very shiny we all looked too. Enjoyed the film, though it was a bit pred. Was particularly amused at the row of geeks all expressing disdain at Trinity's usual cinematic 1337 hacking skills. Stayed for the teaser at the end of the film, though mostl it involved things going bang, so no surprises there then. Shall look forward to the next one. Slight awkward moment outside as we try to work out which kittens are being herded in which direction, and rjk and I left the others still discussing and got a taxi home, since he wasn't feeling like clubbing and I probably shouldn't.

Possibly wearing a corset when you have a cough unwise. Seem to have made it through film in one piece though. Remains to be seen if I will still be in one when I take it off. Don't seem to have words for what I feel like inside at the moment. Or not ones I can share anyway.

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