Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Boredom strikes

Have you...
01. Fallen for your best friend? Yes
02. Made out with JUST a friend? Um, I don't get it. Yes, lots probably. But maybe that means they're not just friends?
03. Been rejected? Yes.
04. Been in love? Yes
05. Been in lust? Yes
06. Used someone? A bit probably
07. Been used? Don't think so
08. Cheated on someone? Yes
09. Been cheated on? Yes
10. Done something you regret? Sometimes.

Who was the last person...
11. You hugged? Jan, at lunchtime.
12. You kissed? Jan, ditto.
13. You talked to? Caroline, at work.
14. that instant messaged you? Closest I've got is my mate Cat, with MSN
15. You had lunch with? Work colleagues and friends, at the beerfest today.
16. Who broke your heart? Really broken? Dunno. A little bit torn, August.

Do you...
17. Color your hair? Yes
18. Have tattoos? No
19. Have Piercings? Yes
20. Floss daily? Nah
21. Own a web cam? No
22. Ever get off the damn computer? Yes
23. Habla espanol? Only enough to understand the question, and say "beer"

Have you/do you /do you have...
24. Considered a life of crime? Not really
25. Considered being a hooker? Decided it didn't really appeal
26. Are you psycho? Don't think so
27. split personalities? No
28. Obsessive? A little sometimes, isn't everyone? Perhaps a bit worse than some.
29. Obsessive compulsive? No
30. Panic? No
31. Depressed? On and off
32. Suicidal? Emphatically not
33. Dream of doing things instead of just seeing them? eh?
34. If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Anywhere
35. What would you be doing? Being with people I love
36. What are you listening to? Radio 2
37. Can you do anything freakish with your body? My fingers bend backwards a bit more than is normal
38. Chicken or fish? Both.

Current Clothes: black V-neck tshirt, long black skirt with purple seams on the outside, doc boots
Current Mood: bored and quiet and a little lonely
Current Music: Talking
Current Taste: Want food
Current Hair: Too long, needs cutting, colour is good though
Current Annoyance: myself
Current Smell: drying paint from next door
Current Favorite Celebrity: None

Food - varies. A really good pork pie is pretty high up the list at the moment
Drink - gin possibly
Color - Purple
shoes - I ♥ my New Rocks
Movie - The Princess Bride probably, though others come close
Vegetable - Spuds probably, blame Irish heritage perhaps
Fruit - raspberries

Understanding - Not as much as I'd like to be
Arrogant - a little
Insecure - Too much
Interesting - Not enough
Friendly - Very
Smart - Fairly
Moody - a bit
Childish - When it's appropriate
Independent - Largely
Emotionally Stable - Not really
Shy - No
Attractive - Not too bad
Bored Easily - Yes
Responsible - On a good day
Sad - Sometimes

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