Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Indie nights (corrected)

Indie nights in Cambridge at the Kambar seem to be on Saturdays, alternating between:

"Alternation" (31st May, 14th June, etc) - runs from 10-2am. £3 before 11, £5 after and,

"That Indie Thing" (7th June, 21st June, etc) - APU Student Indie night. Runs from 10-2am. £2/3 with NUS, £5 without

I think I might have to give one or the other a go. Slight preference for Alternation, since a student night seems a bit offputting: I've had enough of talking to 21 yr olds who are feeling old for the present. Nothing this coming Saturday apparently, due to it being a 5 week month. Tell a lie, apparently there's an extra "That Indie Thing" on 24th May.

[ Details cribbed from http://www.alternationmusic.com/ and http://www.indiething.com/ ]
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