Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


OK, this morning I hurt. The dancing must have finally caught up with me.

Went to work as usual, bright and early for my exciting infrastructure meeting, which I would have been on time for apart from the traditional struggle with recalcitrant printer/photocopier beforehand in order to bring along the minutes of the last meeting. The only really amusing thing of note was the discussion at the end as to whether Michael's reminder of our beer festival trip on Friday belonged in Any Other Business or Dates of Next Meetings. Nice lunch with Mike in Tatties and then back to the office for a fairly unremarkable day until I got a call from reception saying I had a "visitor", so I headed downstairs in some bafflement and found a Damerell had come to see me. Cool. This seemed like a good reason to leave early and go and sit and catch up in the pub for a bit, which was lovely.

Left the pub only a tiny bit the worse for wear and left David to walk back to the beerfest for the evening session while I cycled home, had a quick change, and grabbed what I needed for an overnight stay before August and Jan arrived to pick us up. Pleasant trip over involving giggling, nail varnish, Abbey Road, The Matrix soundtrack, and no getting lost. Stopped at Chris's where we were met at the door by the lovely Steve, in a dressing gown which matched his hair. Apparently he'd got wet in the rain on the way home. We weren't complaining. Eventually found Chris (in the shower) and said our hellos and borrowed a spare key to let ourselves back in later, since none of the household could be persuaded to come along. Thence into town for dinner and the club.

Danced lots and lots and lots and lots, but managed to make enough time to say hello to all the London/Oxford lot who'd come along with us and have a bit of an odd chat with Kitty. Thanks for the concern sweetie BTW. And I'm glad you were having such a lovely birthday. Also met Abby and mini-Pete and Richard and Cat, who was feeling scarily old since she'd just turned 21. Bless. The music was wonderful. I didn't know everything, and I didn't like everything, but there was damned little that was both so I danced by socks off and drank what seemed to be buckets of very cheap tequila and orange: if only we could have drinks at those sort of prices in Cambridge. Lovely to dance with Richard a bit too, and to see him smiling and having fun.

Back to crash at Chris's by taxi, with a wave at Pembroke on the way back. Tried not to be *too* loud and wake anyone, seeemd to succeed. Slept(ish) through til around 10 and then Jan made us coffee and we kind of zogged around the living room until Catherine and then Chris appeared so we could drag them into town for grease at the St Giles Caff and a drink in the Turf. And we even got to stop in Tiger Lily on the way back to Chris' and I found Pink! stripey tights and a new belly shiny, which was cool. Drive back was indeed quiet, and slower than the way there due to slow traffic just after Milton Keynes, around the M1 junction. I don't think I was asleep as much as August suspected, certainly I was awake again before Jan dozed off, but it's hard to have much of a conversation when you don't want to wake people so I mostly listened to the Eliza Carthy, sang along under my breath (well more mumbled, since I haven't got the hang of the words, just the sound), looked out of the windows lots, and only really said "Stobart" and "straight on", so I might have been mistaken for being asleep at this point too.

Coffee at Jan's dumped stuff at home, back to beerfest for half of Crone's original, a pint of Bartram's cherry stout and a pint of St Peter's honey porter, which I shared with Jan. The stout and the porter were both excellent guesses anyway, I seem to have had a lot of luck in my choice of beer this year. Nice to see people there, and especially nice to grab John Sloan who was looking rather lost and drag him over to talk to uor bunch of reprobates, who he seemed to get on with OK. Bought little presents for the people I love, which is always nice to do especially when you can find something cheap and charming which is just really right for them. Shared a little of the last of rjk's Coombs sweet cider on the walk home, and cycled the rest of the way on August's bike, which was nice. I'm just too lazy to walk. And so to bed.

Today as I ache all over, even worse than yesterday (although it always seems to hit me worse not the day after the event but the one after that, dunno why), but I shall potter off to work shortly anyway and no doubt I will be back at the beerfest with them again at lunchtime, and in the evening again too. Perhaps straight after work, saves cycling home. Must find time to give my mum a ring at some point.

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