Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


My brain is feeling awfully disconnected from reality today, I think it's just through not getting enough sleep.

Not the best state for having a driving lesson in really, but it went more or less OK. Next one is on Monday. Would be nice to actually remember it for a change, rather than having Alan have to ring the office to try and find me. Beginning to wonder again if I will be anywhere near a good enough standard by the test though, perhaps I shouldn't have gone so long without lessons between times.

Nice evening last night, lovely dinner, nice game of scrabble, and then slightly awkwardly to bed. Odd to feel so nervous about it. I have been wondering where I fit into the picture lately, and I at least came away reassured that there's a space for me somewhere, even if I'm not quite sure what it is. And it all seems to pointless to get fretty about things when I can tell it's all in my head, and there's nothing I actually want to change in the way people are behaving, just want to change how I react to it sometimes. I think just time will sort it out.

Home far too late, and then stayed up even later with rjk, so it's entirely my own fault I'm tired. And no doubt I shall make it worse by staying up late again tonight. It's worth it though.

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