Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Hawkwind review

OK so why, given I don't actually know Hawkwind at all, was I at a Hawkwind gig in the first place? Simply because my friends were going and it seemed like a giggle, especially as Richard seems to be a fan. Unfortunately Richard was too ill to join us in the end though, which was a shame. So I kind of wandered along with little idea of what to expect. I did have fun though. The support band were called Spacehead and August described them as Hawkwind-wannabees. Of course I couldn't judge this for myself until later but I think he was right. They weren't very good but they were very loud, and actually just losing myself in loud noise, moving along to the beat watching the swirly lights on the wall and being alone in my head for a bit was just what I needed.

As for Hawkwind themselves, well they were definitely a giggle. I'm not sure they're quite really my cup of tea, though I really don't think I can put a finger on why. It was good to just jump up and down and dance though. Some spectacularly daft outfits were involved, and some of the tracks were very silly. For the most part I couldn't make out words though and just enjoyed the noise. Perhaps someone who actually knows them could do a better review.

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