Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Jan and Sion and August came round for dinner last night pre-Calling, and I'd even managed to finish washing all the dye out of my hair by the time they arrived, though I was still half-undressed and towelling when Jan popped upstairs with a beautiful bunch of roses for me. Dinner was nice, though the food wasn't anything exciting, and then Jan and I went and got changed upstairs with a certain amount of giggling and a lot of *pink* in my case. Lipliner works just as well as eyeliner as the opposite way round.

The Calling itself seemed busier than usual, and it was lovely to see and hug Kitty, who hopefully will be around again sometime next week for the beer festival. Talked to various people, bounced on the dance floor a fair bit, though not as much as I might have liked. Felt as though my attention was getting spread a bit thin though in places, and would have like to have spend more time with Jan especially. Perhaps we should arrange to spend a different evening together if we're going to be going to the Calling this often, though that seems a little unfair on Richard. Toy-boy Mike (sorry, the name seems to have stuck) and his friend Ned came along, and mostly looked a bit lost (apparently WUS is more their style) but Mike seemed to relax as the evening went along and was persuaded onto the dancefloor without too much effort. Watching him getting the hang of dancing to Siousxie was a giggle though. He acquitted himself quite admirably though. Stayed until the bitter end and then herded kittens in the direction of a taxi-rank and hence home to bed.

Hard to get up this morning but I made it in the end at least, and not even too late into the office.

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