Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Mmmm food

Lovely dinner last night cooked for my by August, who still claims he's not a good cook but just knows a few things he does well. I shall see once he starts to run out of ideas. Drank rather more wine than I'd been intending to and got back very late indeed in the end. A very pleasant evening though. And somehow I seem to have acquired more teethmarks. Evening continued pleasant once I got home too, though somewhat hazily so.

Lunch with Mobbsy today for a change, which was also good. Continuing my tour of places I hadn't eaten in before we went to Dojo's where I had a rather good noodle soup with lots of seafood and chilli, which was apparently Malaysian in style but who cares. Had to wipe the soup splashes off my glasses when I got back to the office, I really do need more practice at eating such messy food. Washed it down with infinite green tea as well, which is always nice, and talked about Stuff.

Work continues slightly more productive than is used to be, which is good. Could still be better yet but I'm working on it.

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