Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


OK symptoms:

I've had something similar to mild cystitis for a few days, needing to go to the loo lots, feeling like you need to pee even when you don't seem to, slight burning sensation when actually doing so. I've been drinking lots of water in an attempt to flush it out and it was seeming to get better but isn't so great today. I hadn't drunk much other than coffee and red wine yesterday though, and have tried to drink more water since.

Yesterday I had a stomach ache which felt a bit like period cramps, but was at least a few days early for that, and was rather stronger than usual. I had one very loose bowel movement and figured some sort of digestive system bug, although I was still feeling achy afterwards. I seem to have had rather too many days where my digestive system is a bit dicky over the last few months though.

But neither sickness or diarrhoea since then, and I'm still aching, but more in my lower back, just to the left of my spine, and it seems to ache most when I stay still, regardless of position, rather than when I move. Reluctant to take painkillers when my digestive system is being weird.

Doctor's appt at 10, see what he thinks of the above. Unsure whether to discuss ADs with him too, or to wait and make an appt with Dr Perry later in the week.
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