Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Happy Birthday, part one

First leg of Jan's birthday party with a bunch of friend in the Carlton followed by going back to French's Rd. It was a lovely mix of people actually as far as I was concerned, but I dunno if the Cambridge types felt a bit lost, since it was lovely that lots of people had travelled from further afar. Nice to see Ian and Jac, Pete and Juliet, Ian Snell, Chris Dickson, Doop, Tom and Art. Hope I haven't forgotten anyone. It was also nice to see ADW, despite the awkwardness. I really wish things could be better between us. I hope it wasn't too hard for him anyway. Anyway much beer was drunk (a mix of Landlord, Electra and Frog in my case) and much music was played on the jukebox, and a little dancing and singing happened, and Tom recorded Jan and I being ox.bon-jovi and all in all it was good.

At closing time Doop decided to go crash at Andrew's for some reason, wonder why? The rest of us formed a walking party in somewhat wobbly fashion back to Jan's. After that it got a bit stressful and August spent much of the evening trying to help Jan feel better while Sion had disappeared altogether. The rest of us talked lots. Christi felt outnumbered by Oxford types, Tom complained when I called him sweet, Art found a woodlouse, Ian and Jac left to get a coach to Gatwick in the wee hours, Juliet and rjk snuggled on the sofa, Pete had fun made of his legs, Ian expressed disbelief in the no-zebra meter and eventually the last of those of us who were crawling home again left around 3:30 to let the others get some sleep.

Up now and wondering if we've left them long enough before coming round to start part two, Saturday afternoon games etc, followed by part three, Saturday night party. Sunday is hangover recovery, then some of us to Peterborough for films and beer. I think on Monday I will sleep.

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