Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Working from home

Well, at least partly. Cough kept me awake last night so I was too shattered to go into work this morning despite not really feeling ill any more. Getting a reasonable amount of stuff done from home, but it is so much easier to get distracted. Must work on a combination of booze and cough mixture to make me go zonk properly tonight before it starts up again.

Feel like it's getting too long since I've seen anyone other than Richard, although I saw people Saturday night and Steph was here til Monday afternoon. Social life seems to be concentrated Thurs/Fri/Sat these days and the rest of the week sometimes seems a bit long.

Was looking quite light on the scales earlier this week but I can see the numbers have crept back up again now. I've not been eating *too* badly overall, but I have had quite a lot of cough medecine/sweets which might make a difference: I refuse to actually count them as sins and try to resign myself to not losing weight if I have a cold. It's still frustrating though. I feel like overall I've been going nowhere since about the middle of May.
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