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School thoughts and LJ wibbles

*giggle* the recent meme on what you were doing n years ago has led to an irc channel full of geeks all enumerating the names of their teachers through school. No-one's going to be at all interested in what the answer is, it's the process of trying to remember that's even vaguely interesting. Seeing where the gaps are and wondering why. In my case I can remember the ones from age 7-11 but not from before then, but I don't remember much from my infant school days really so I think that's just where the limits of my memory are in general.

Of course you also get the confusion of different school systems around the country. How was I supposed to know that junior school in Bournemouth is only 3 years instead of the 4 I had in east Leeds? Given people move around a lot surely it would be simpler to do things more similarly across the country?

I remember a very similar meme going round a bit ago, and figured I'd try and find it. Looking at my journal a month at a time by subject though really does show just how uninformative my subjects often are. I wonder if I should just make more effort to use them in future, or go back and add ones to past entries. Perhaps a project for a rainy day if I get bored. And friends only stuff. I can see which entries from a long while back are locked. I could go back and unlock nearly all of them probably, and that's another thing for a rainy day. But I remember when I was first playing with friends groups I wrote some very TMI stuff for just me and rjk, which I'd probably not have posted out loud to the whole world. Thing is I've since deleted the friends group in question. Wonder what happens when you do that, can only I read it now?

Update: Oddly it seems I'd only ever made about 20 entries (of a total 389) which were locked anyway. Now all unlocked, though I've left notes on them which show which ones used to have more security. And the rjk TMI was less TMI than I remembered. I was obviously just more coy back then or something.

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