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A slight case of overblogging

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Eleanor Blair
19 November 1975
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About me:

  • Oxonian living in Cambridge.
  • Oxford maths graduate.
  • Cambridge geek.
  • Sometime goth.
  • Yorkshire.
  • Hates conflict: will go pathologically out of her way to avoid it at times.
  • Reads Chalet School.
  • Untowardly attracted to anything pink and fluffy.
  • Interoperates well with punks.
  • Deely boppers.
  • dimples, giggles and snogs inaproapriatley in front of children at cinemas.
  • LNR is a babe, not a geek.
  • Not Just a TLA :)
  • LNR makes people laugh. Overexposure to LNR may result in damp underwear.
  • Warm pink cuddly Yorkshire goff geek with a lovely smile and a fondness for good beer.
  • This product operates within a narrow temperature range and must be supplied with a high-TOG duvet for at least nine hours in every 24-hour period.
  • Wash separately, as the pink dye may run.
  • Ply with chocolate at regular intervals.

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